Monday, February 24, 2014

A note on my Breed 'N Buy Account

I really love CreatureBreeder's one update: the one that allows you to feed other farmer's hungry creatures. It is such a wonderful source of income for farmers to take advantage of- especially, the newer members!

My Breed 'N Buy was originally intended as a free farm, for new members to get creatures at a reasonable cost, so I've removed all berry trees and placed food barrels on the farms. That way farmers can recoup some of their farmbucks should they choose to adopt from me. If they don't purchase from me they'll just get a little extra farmbucks. 

Whatever to help the community out. :)

Is this something I would only think of? Lol, hopefully people won't comment in uproars about my sickly creatures.



Friday, February 21, 2014

Breeding Project: Tree of Life Tots


I've been actively working on a new TurtleTot project. I started the project on January 10th 2014. The project was started after coming across a TurtleTot that had a tree like pattern on it's belly. Here is a direct link to her. I purchased her from Nialove on January 8th, and immediately went on a hunt for other TurtleTots' to use.

On February 20th I finally hatched three perfect specimens. It took twenty-six separate breeding "bundles" to get the perfect pattern. As in, it took me one month and ten days to get the pattern right with very specific breedings. What I meant by bundles is separate breeding days; I hatched 113 TurtleTots before getting one perfect specimen.

This girl is the first perfect bred, but she has an excess spot. Then I hatched this male that has a perfect pattern, and no excess spots. The last perfect pattern bred is a female, found here, has an excess spot too.

Now that I have perfect specimen I need to standardize skin color, shell size, shell colors, eye color, eye size, belly colors, spot colors, and make sure I don't breed in extra spots. It seems like a lot of work needs to still get done, but I'm glad I'm already seeing progress.

At the moment, I'm going to focus on eye size and skin color while breeding more perfect patterns, and breeding out any excess spots. After I get the eye size correct I'll focus on shell size.

The TurtleTot project's name is totally subject to change. I think Cosmic Tree tots would be another good name.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Continuing to Work on This Site

I am casually working on this blogspot. At the moment I am still developing some pages, but I did just complete the "Who I Am" page and the "My Accounts" page. I still need to finish four more pages, but they seem to be a really slow process.

Any way, I've been rather busy dealing with a minor bedroom fire, a broken laptop, and college classes. Bare with me. :)



Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Layout is Set Up!

Looks like I have everything layout design-wise to my liking, and all links are working as they should! I have a couple of pages I'd like to work on eventually: My Accounts, Who I am, Design Business, Being a Mod and Creating Sub-Breeds. I do not know when these pages will be up and running, but My Accounts should be up fairly soon. I believe all other pages will not be up for awhile, especially Design Business and Creating Sub-Breeds. Sorry about that, but I need to make sure they are explained correctly.

I will also be adding a FAQ page sometime in the future, so if you have questions- leave a comment! I'm not sure how in-depth a CreatureBreeder FAQ will be considering we have an official one, but FAQ about myself and this Blog seems inevitable.

Big thank you to iBeeWho for showing me how to edit my Speed Design tab! I appreciate that so much! Seriously, iBeeWho is all sorts of amazing.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The First Post!

Welcome to my CreatureBreeder blog! This site has been created by me, elizabethm., because I want to have a space to answer question about my farms and myself. What that means is that this site is not connected at all; it is a fan site. I do not own, nor did I design anything for the site. Aemon and Choochoo have those respected titles.

Hopefully I am able to answer any and all questions other users might have concerning myself and perhaps the site itself. I wish to share with everyone some knowledge about myself- in the game and, perhaps, in real life too. I will definitely be educating everyone on what accounts I own, how my accounts are typically handled, what it is like being a moderator, breeding projects, and such things.

This page is relatively new, so I will be playing it completely by ear.